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Bts - For You
The song the mv everything is beautiful. Its actually nice to hear a jpop song with good lyrics not a kpop song turning it into a japanese!!! What do you think of this song ? @jiggzy19
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I'm usually not super into Japanese versions but this is soooo cute! I love it :3
2 years agoReply
i actually love japanese versions a lot maybe i am just different lol nd love this one 2 its just sooo cutte nd sweet <3 always love bts
2 years agoReply
@sherrysahar I guess I'm different too! I love Japanese versions ! I'm gonna have to buy BTS' Japanese albums now *sigh* oh well~~
2 years agoReply
ahh I died of Kookie cuteness overload 馃槏馃挓馃憤馃挅
2 years agoReply
@CheyanneBooth Like this!!!
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