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This is extremely noteworthy.
Here is Screaming Females, hard-rocking punk band covering "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift, largely because they were out of viable alternatives (see video for more).
The best part about this is that lead singer Marissa Paternoster pretends that she has no idea what she's doing at the beginning - "Do we just do it?" "Fuck yeah...." - and then going on to absolutely crush it. It's so painfully obvious that she knows and loves this song.
Punk rockers like TSwift, too, it seems. Thanks to @paulisaverage for the tip.
This was so hilarious but at the same time so cool. I love cover songs that put the song into a completely different genre.
I love this oh my goodness.
I fought loving this song for so long but it finally got me. This cover is actually great hahaha I feel like this is what I sound like when I sing it in the shower.