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Kylie Jenner's style is FLAWLESS. Somehow, she was lucky enough to never go through the "really bad fashion" stage (I went through a lot of those stages). You might not have your own clothing line and be a part of an American dynasty like Kylie (and have Kim Kardashian West for a sister), but you can still rock her effortless, edgy style.
Keep it sophisticated and sexy in a beige bodycon midi skirt. The key is to find a skirt and a similar colored top. You can also try a bodycon midi dress, which would look just as cool as Kylie's look.
If you are going for the skirt and shirt look, you want to find a crop top that hits right at the waist. That way it doesn't look baggy or awkward paired with a high-waisted skirt. The crop top doesn't have to be exactly the same color or even close to the color of the skirt. It's completely up to you whether you want to try to get similar colors in the skirt and shirt or if you want to wear a completely different colored shirt.
The best part of this outfit — the jacket! Pick a jacket that is a little darker than your skirt. You can go for a matte jacket look like Kylie did or a shiny look like the jacket above. I personally like the shiny look a little better.
Pair some gold bangles and brown matte lipstick with your outfit and, voila, you are ready to strut your stuff and work it!
I like the jacket you picked out better than the one Kylie's wearing! Suede requires too much responsibility. I feel like I'm accidentally spilling stuff all over it every time I put it on.
Me too — I'm way too clumsy for suede. The leather one is amazing!!