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I think its obvious TOP can dance at this point and TOP sweetheart you don't need to dance. Just stand in the middle and look pretty okay. @aabxo @PassTheSuga wouldnt mind lol
GD as a dancer he's actually really good.
i personally enjoyed seungri's part the most. so much momentum build up. plus love the dance move too he is nice dancer.
Daesung the most fun dancing watch.
Taeyang cleanest and coolest looking choreo.
Lol did you just... tell TOP to stand and look pretty ..XD I think TOP is actually a good dancer! Have you guys seen the recent clips of him just dancing? Love it! Thanks for tagging!~
Also omg those are the shortest shorts I've ever seen on a dude.
First off this was awesome ^^ Secondly @PassTheSuga @danidee you guys think those shorts are short, you need to visit a country town in Australia, where almost every single guy will wear sports shorts regardless of their age or weight... Trust me it doesn't leave much to the imagination at times...
Whenever I watch a Bigbang dance practice, I always look between Seungri and TOP. I feel like they're the best and worst dancer, but TOP did a good job this time!!!
I like the practice video better than the mv.
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