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K-dramas are known for their predictable and repetitive plotlines, but these 5 overused plotlines really need to stop...now!
1. The "Amnesia" - Remember when Soo Ha disappeared for a while in I Hear Your Voice? That's when the amnesia happened. Might as well have sent him on a study abroad trip. It's one thing when a memory-loss plotline flows with the story (like in Master's Sun) but most K-dramas seem to nudge it in for convenience. Don't even get me started on the "selective" amnesia!
2. The Misunderstandings - Well, you should've just confessed instead, Young Do! The piling of one misunderstanding upon another really drives us nuts. It starts out with characters hiding things either to protect someone (maybe themselves) or to keep a promise. As it builds into a bigger and messier web, the characters eventually crack and come forth with the truth, sometimes too late. There's just too many of these in every drama!
3. Leaving the Country - Kim Tan was forced to leave by his brother and Eun Sang ran away from home to meet her sister. If a character needs a break from reality, study abroad or overseas work it is! This plotline has become such a core part of dramas that it's surprising not to see a character (or two) leave the country. Doesn't mean it should continue!
4. The Love Triangle (...or Square) - Is there a K-drama that doesn't have some sort of polygon love line going? Yes, it adds to the "drama" of the story but sometimes they take it a bit too far. It's especially annoying when they include bromance as well, like in Flower Boy Next Door. Who do you want us to root for???
5. Past Love Lines - Remember when there was amnesia in Master's Sun? And remember when they added the Taeyang's past "lover" bit right at the end? This one is not seen quite as often as the others, but it is just as unnecessary. The two leads are already jumping through hoops of fire to make things work, no need to make it more complicated!
What are other K-drama plotlines that you think need to stop?
@XiaoKaiTian I'm with you on that! ^^
feels are the devil. nonono. byebye. not watching 10/10
doesn't sound like a good time..... maybe not(?)
I never watched that one. Maybe I know why now....
I personally find that the 'twins' and 'adoption' storylines are a bit abused lately; also along the lines of the 'love triangle' one, the 'both main guys automatically being willing to sacrifice their entire lives for her' thing.
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