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You got HPV? Amy Schumer's got you.
“What do I have? What am I? I’ve got a B.A. in theatre and HPV. No one’s buying my stock.”
- Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer is perfection. Her break all barrier comedy specials reference everything from fisting to her parents, but what I think is most important is she is giving a voice to an STD only discussed on those stupid Gardisil Shot commercials that everyone shuts off anyway.
HPV, also known as the Human papillomavirus is the most common STD in the United States. HPV spreads so easily because a person can go years without realizing they have contracted the STD. Only a handful exposed experience warts and even less contract cervical cancer from it. Most of the time the STD can go away on its own after a few years.
So why the hell does anyone care. Most college students are sexually active! Contracting this STD is more common than getting a 4.0 your freshmen semester when you still think getting deans list actually matters.
So while most people have reacted to HPV as if it is leprosy, Amy Schumer has taken it in stride.
"I wish someone tells you before you go to school; you're gonna gain weight, you're gonna get HPV"
-Amy Schumer
Being open and embracing humor about this extremely common, yet seldom talked about disease is gaining her infamy amongst college woman looking for a nonjudgmental community. Her stand up is taking the unnecessary scandal out of the STD and thrusting it towards a much needed normalcy. She has morphed from a hilarious comedian to an important role model who preaches self acceptance, taking hits in stride and not letting anyones opinion get you down.
Even Amy's mom weighs in on her STD;
"My mom's always saying really smart things... like, you probably heard this one, 'Why buy the cow when the milk has HPV?' Wish I'd listened to that one."
Watch her comedy show and take a page out of Amy's book. Fuck what anyone else thinks because you are killing it.