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Say goodbye One Direction fans because you won't see them for a while after they are finished with their touring and promotion of their fifth album. ( 12 months... nooooooo) Is there a high possibility of never returning to the spotlight? Maybe.
Well it seems as the famous boyband is starting to crumble now that it has gone from the famous five members down to four, will it shrink again? Zayn left earlier in the year saying he wanted to be a 'normal' 22 year old. Yeah, okay. And now people are claiming Harry is the next to go? As far as Louis, Niall, and Liam, they all plan to return after the hiatus.
Harry does plan to work on a solo release while Louis will now have time to be a judge on Britain's X Factor. Simon Cowell is being very lenient doing everything he can to guarantee that they will reunite and skyrocket into super stardom again in 2017.
Whatever the case may be, I hope to see 1D in the future.

Don't try to break too many little girls' hearts.

All I want is a Niall, Harry, Zayn group. PLEASE.
I wonder how Harry's solo work is going to sound. He's got kind of a rocker vibe personality-wise.