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Short hair is back and better than ever, but don't call it a comeback -- or should we? Long hair, move over. The weather is warm and that means it's time to let your neck breathe. This is not a diss towards long locs, but it's always nice to switch thangs up every now and then. From Halle Berry to Anne Hathaway to Tyra Banks, it's obvious that short hair screams fierce and fabulous. Scared to chop off your hair? Don't be, either muster up the courage or buy yourself a convenient pixie wig like Queen Bey and Zendaya.
When you think pixie, the first person to probably come to mind would be Twiggy. The sixties weren't the sixties without an amazing pixie cut. Who doesn't love a mix of both feminine and masculine? Winona Ryder, Nia Long, Halle Berry, Toni Braxton and Gwyneth Paltrow are just a few women who rocked the pixie in the '90s, proving to several people that androgynous could indeed be sexy.
Almost thirty years later and the pixie is still standing strong with celebs including Keke Palmer, Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson and Ellen DeGeneres embracing their short tresses. If these images don't make you immediately want to reconsider your current hair condition, sleep on it.
Hair will always grow back. Be brave, be bold and reach for the scissors -- or have someone else reach for them. Who knows, a pixie cut might be exactly what you need for that extra boost of confidence.
def understood! the waiting game is never fun, but in the meantime you can make it fun by trying out new colors or adding a hat for some extra style @madeleine it's never easy to wait for your hair to grow back, but being patient pays off in the long run.
@jordanhamilton I know but I hate waiting for it to grow back.
Pixies can be extremely fun. I want to try it out myself. Now's the time! It will always grow back :) @madeleine
Pixie cut is one of the styles I hope to try but do not have the courage to.