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I really, one hundred percent, absolutely love these two. And if you don't, I'm gonna tell you why you should too.

The Chemistry

1935's Top Hat quickly became one of my favorite films when I first saw it in one of my many film classes. This scene in particular is what first made me fall in love.
Watching Fred Astaire sing to an uninterested Ginger Rogers felt silly at first but as I started to notice Rogers's shy smiles, I started to smile too (I'll admit it, I kind of felt he he was singing to me too). And once they start dancing, you can see how great they look together onscreen.

The Dancing!

I haven't seen the movie (I believe it's Roberta, also released in 1935) this dance number is from but just watching it fills me with joy. One of the most impressive things about (almost) all of Rogers and Astaire's dance numbers is that they're usually done in one take.
Listening to them laugh while they tap and perform ridiculous (to me, anyway) dance moves makes me equal parts jealous and amazed.

This Song

This song from Swing Time (1936) is one of the few things that can pick me up if I'm having a tough day. In the scene Astaire is pretending to be a bad dancer just so Rogers will dance with him, which is weirdly romantic. But the message of "picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and starting all over again" is a great one for anybody who hits a road block.
Shortly after this song, he reveals to her that he does know how to dance and if you're interested you can watch that below!
You know, I like to think of myself as a roguish, surly, punk, pretentious hipster. But, I won't be afraid to admit that I love musicals starring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire from the 1930s.
What about you guys? What do you think about these two? Hopefully, I converted you to the magical world that is tap-dancing/singing on screen. Please let me know in the comments!
Since we are on the topic of embarrassing confessions... I actually had a big crush on Fred Astaire, and was super jealous of Ginger. I think it was his super smooth dance moves...
Hahahaha. Dem tippy-taps. They’ll getcha every time.
@nicolejb There is definitely something going on with tap shoes. The little tippy-taps do something to my body chemistry that makes me smile like a big baby.
Haha no no! It should make you want to get up and take dancing lessons!! I also may have had a bit of a crush on Gene Kelly (especially in Singing in the Rain)...I think it’s the tap shoes. They get me every time.
@nicolejb How could you *not* have a crush on these two? I think I feel the same as you but the reverse, if that makes sense. But, I'm totally jealous of Fred, too. I get so happy watching these clips then I start wishing I could dance like that and slink back into my chair...