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I never thought a commercial for a can of coffee would make me giggle so much. Stumptown Coffee seems to not only have won recognition amongst coffee purests, but now they're getting some street cred from the hipsters for their very quirky and funny commercial.
The editing and shots of this video hilarious, but also the Nitro Coffee Cold Brew looks really yummy. I’m excited to get a hand on one of these $5 cans of yummy coffee goodness.
Pretty sure I’m going to have "NITRO...COLD BREW" stuck in my head all day.
IN A CAN! haha yeah I wonder that too @danidee ... I’ll have check next time I’m there!
hahaha yas! And then a cover of the song featuring Zooey Deschanel on the ukulele.
They should release that song as a single btw. I was totally feeling it.
STUMPTOWN COMES IN A CAN NOW??? I wonder if I could find it at Whole Foods...