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The Tony Awards are this Sunday and the musical nerd in me is freaking out.

Nominated for Best New Musical:

1. An American In Paris - A soldier goes to Paris during WWII and falls in love with a wild and beautiful Parisian.
2. Fun Home - Alison rummages through her father's box of old stuff, and reveals memories that link the dysfunctional family together.
3. Something Rotten! - a comedic tale of two playwright brothers as they try to beat out Shakespeare with the best show in town.
4. The Visit - Claire Zachanassian, the richest woman in the world returns to her hometown and offers money to whomever can murder the man who abandoned her years ago.
My prediction goes to Fun Home. This musical has broken so many barriers that people are talking about. It’s the first musical on Broadway to feature a lesbian protagonist. It’s performed in the round, an extremely innovative, intimate, and challenging way to present theatre. It also features some of the most talented young actors and actresses, including Sydney Lucas (age 11) who is also up for a Tony.

Nominated for Best Revival of a Musical:

1. The King and I - You know and love the classic tale. A woman governess teaches English to the many wives and children of the domineering King.
2. On the Town - Three navy sailors set port in New York City for the day. The set out on a quest to find the “dame of their dreams.”
3. On the Twentieth Century - A behind the scenes comedy about the odd couple of Lily, a famous actress and Oscar, a bankrupt playwright.
My prediction goes to The King and I, this classic tale has been revamped even more and features the Ken Watanabe and Kelli O’Hara, both of which are up for Tonys for their performances. The costumes are bigger, the set is bigger, and even the cast is bigger (with over than 50 people.) If you are going to go all out, The King and I really went for it in this revival.
Whoever wins the best musical, the Tonys are sure to be a spectacular night of music, drama, champaign, and of course Kristin Chenoweth.
Hahaha exactly! Btw! Did you see that it did end up winning Best Revival @onlydreaming? That only makes me want to see The King and I even more!
Yeah, @onlydreaming and it’s been doing really well on Broadway! It was definitely one of my favorites growing up too (that and Sound of Music...though now I realize how similar they are).
Anytime, @onlydreaming! you’ll have to let me know if you go see it! In the meantime, I’ll keep watching the movie :)
yesssssssss ONE MORE YEAR!! thanks for finding that. i'm really excited.
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