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You just bought and new sweater and, all of sudden, it gets caught on something and now you have a sweater snag. UGH. But, don't fret! You can fix it and save yourself from throwing away your great sweater.
First things first. Many people think that the best way to get rid of the annoying hanging string from a snag is to cut it. DO NOT DO THAT! If you cut the snag, you will end up with a hole in your sweater. Don't ever cut it! I repeat, DO NOT CUT IT!
Martha Stewart (aka the home improvement goddess) has some great tips for how to repair the snag.
1) First, if the snag has caused the fabric to bunch up, try to stretch it back out to its original shape.
2) You should then try to pull the string from the snag through to the underside of the garment. You can do this using a sewing needle (if the snag is small) or a crochet hook (if the snag is big or the stitching on the garment is large).
3) You can then weave the string throughout the other stitching or tie a knot on the underside.
This video is a great tutorial on how to fix the snag — thank goodness for Real Simple. Don't let snags ruin your sweaters anymore!
Yay! I had the same problem and thought all of my sweaters were ruined. Thank goodness they are not!
i wear so many sweaters and a lot of them already have snags! thanks for posting this.. now i can go see if i can fix these myself
Me too! I used to think they were ruined when I snagged them. Now I know better!
I have a bunch of sweaters like this that I need to fix. I've been putting it aside because I was too lazy to fix them.