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James Harden, it's time to own up to the lie: You know who Lil B is, you dig the cooking dance and you think The Based God is awesome.
The drama between the two started years ago when James Harden was a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. His former teammate Kevin Durant took to twitter to share his thoughts on Lil B and his music. “I tried to listen to Lil B and my mind wouldn’t allow it...can’t believe this guy is relevant.”
In response to the tweet, Lil B created a song titled “F*ck Kevin Durant,” which went viral. He then put a Based God curse on KD and the Thunder. Since the curse was put on the Thunder, the team has fallen short each year on its championship goals.
Fast forward a couple years and James Harden is now a member of the Rockets. During some games this year, Harden was caught doing the Lil B “cooking dance,” but would not give credit to Lil B for creating the signature move. Even worse, during an interview with TMZ, Harden claimed he didn’t know who Lil B was.
That lie didn’t hold weight for long, as rapper Kreayshawn took to twitter to expose Harden. Kreayshawn pulled up a tweet from 2011 proving he was aware of the based god and his music.
But just in case James Harden is still confused on who “The Based God” is, I can tell him in a quick blurb below:
The Based God is a rapper, a motivational speaker, a hero, and religion (possibly.) The Based God is cool, and Harden knows it. Nothing wrong with liking the Based God James, just go with the flow.