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Bad news babes, we might not be hearing from The Strokes for a long, long time.
When asked about touring after their London gig coming up this month, guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. made their future look pretty bleak:
I don’t even know if we’re going to play any more shows…I don’t know if London might be our last show, you know what I mean? People think I’m lying but I’m just tired of trying to make some positive spin, but I’ve got no idea. So I take each one like it’s my last and I hold and I cherish it.
Considering the bandmates pretty much hate each other, I'm surprised they've lasted this long. They're all going after solo careers and touring with their other projects so this might finally be the last we hear of The Strokes.
(as long as Julian keeps supplying me with killer 80s dance tracks then I'll be happy)
Let's look back at the good old days, shall we?
@jeff4122 I had no idea! That's such a shame. Especially about Albert Hammond Jr. He was always my favorite member.
@beywatch they're all pretty much insane. "Angles" (their most recent album) was recorded without one single instance of them all being in the same room. Casablancas and Hammond Jr. can hardly look at one another - plus Hammond's got some serious drug troubles. Good to remember the good days, though @caricakes
@beywatch They are just really open about how happy they are to be apart from each other. I'm pretty sure Julian said something about how he has never felt happier and freer as an artist than when he left the Strokes for his solo work.
@paulisaverage YESSS THE DEMO. I remember one day in college, iTunes had some kind of sale where you could buy the entire library of The Strokes and that is all I listened to for basically a year. (and I'm pretty sure we all tried to be jerk hipsters at least once in college)
When I was in college, I kept pretending that I hated The Strokes. Like, I'd say things like, "ew The Strokes!" That was until all of my friends caught me listening to them in my car in the parking lot dancing with myself. This news makes me sad, sort of, but not really cos I can still jive to all the old stuff and reminisce about being a TOTAL JERK HIPSTER in college, hahaha. But I will say, I think I like that demo version of "you only live once". I used to, like, put it on to go to bed every night, haha.
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