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Originally posted on, there is a surprising history of the love between an astronaut and his cup of coffee.
Coffee was not provided to astronauts in the early space missions because of the lack of technology to make hot water.
In 1969, Apollo 11 launched into space, and so did the first ever coffee for astronauts. The newly-pioneered technology allowed astronauts to enjoy a cup of coffee with hot water.
Because it’s in space, the astronauts were only offered instant coffee! But hey! They could get it with both creme and sugar.
The official coffee choice...Kona blend, Hula Girl from the Royal Trading Coffee Co.
In April 2015, International Space Station technologists created and tested something espresso machine designed for space.
Astronauts need a cup of joe for their long day of space exploration. It seems that the world runs on our daily coffee fix, but so does SPACE.
Space is cool and coffee is cool and this is cool.
Actually @danidee, it’s a similar system to the Keurig, so next time you make a cup of coffee with a Keurig, all you have to do is imagine you are in SPACE! Bam!
That's so cool! I want to try a cup of coffee from an astronaut espresso machine! I wonder if it tastes the same.