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Our new Artist of the month is girl group FIESTAR (pronounced fiesta)

Who are FIESTAR ?

FIESTAR are a five member girl group created under LOEN Entertainment in 2012, however they are currently under Collabodadi (one of the many labels connected to LOEN)


Current Members:
Former Member:


After LOEN Entertainment announced all six members of their new international group. (Members from Korea, America, and China) It was revealed that they would be recording a collaboration track with label mate IU prior to their official debut track.
This is their pre-debut track with IU
In August it was announced that their debut single would be "Vista" it was also revealed that they would be collaborating with K-Hip Hop heavyweight Tiger JK of MFBTY for a second pre-debut song entitled "Wicked"
Here is the song!!! I love it so much ^^ <3
Finally on August 31, 2012 their debut MV for "Vista" dropped. The MV features JYJ's Junsu and Seungah from Sunny Hill.
Here it is ^^

Current Discography


Sweet Love (Reviewed as part of the "We Don't Stop" album)




We will have the reviews, profiles, and more published throughout the course of the month and then hyperlinked here ^^ don't forget if you want to take part in any of the reviews or profiles or anything else to do with the Artist of the Month promotions please pm (Private Message) me and I'll tell you all you need to know :D
Credit to the owners of these photos and MVs :)
I wasn't familiar with them before, but I really like Wicked! ^_^
I remember when "I Don't Know" first came out, I had it stuck in my head ALL THE TIME.
I first found them through Sea of Moonlight and I've loved them ever since!
I am not a fan of fiestar but I always enjoy their performance on simply k.pop
@poojas I'm glad you liked it ^^
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