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I will fight to the death arguing that Dead Poets Society is the greatest movie Robin Williams ever starred in. That is obviously followed closely by Mrs. Doubtfire but that is an entirely different story.
Here are some of the most thought provoking, awe-inspiring and all around epic quotes that make you want to get up and do something amazing.
John Keating is a God among men. His words flow like he has never spoken out of verse before in his life. I've never heard a warning so beautifully delivered. Marrow is a word so seldom used in natural conversation that it sticks out like an electric shock.
As a writer who is always, and I mean always, asked how I think I can make a living from writing, I live for these words. John Keating offers us writers a mentor who places the passion of poetry above all else. Poetry is a vital organ to him and that notion alone gives me butterflies in my stomach.
In an era where condensed tweets and drunk slurs seem to be the primary form of communication, nothing is more exciting then a person who seeks words that truly inspire a reaction. If John Keating ever spoke to me at a bar, I would marry him in a second.
Have I done this before? Maybe. It wasn't a desk it was a chair, but thats pretty much the same thing. And it is actually really enjoyable being able to see everything and everyone in the room.
The most inspiring teacher in all of history. He makes me want to write an internet breaking article, or at least he gives me the confidence that I could.
I hope we all want to be an important verse. One that will be remembered for a life time. I want to be the death scene, the last, most important words before everything comes to a close, I want to be "Oh captain, my captain".
And so with John Keating's words (hopefully) ringing in your ears I hope you spend your life being extraordinary. I hope you find your verse and live by it. And I hope you realize that you can change the world.
I am sure that you will change the world Liz馃槝
what about Jack?
This is great! I need to rewatch this film now.
"Dead Poet Society" is one movie - an excellent one - I'll never forget to this day. It challenges you in many ways you can't imagine. And isn't the 'pen mightier than the sword'?
This movie is in my top ten favs