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It's the ultimate comfort piece from the 1970s — wide-leg pants! I'm not sure comfortable fashion can get any better than palazzo pants. The better news is that they are back in style!
The key to keeping the look modern is to wear a tighter top and keep accessories to a minimum. The pants will easily carry your outfit!
Solid palazzo pants paired with a professional top can work for a more sophisticated look.
A printed pattern also looks great.
Get ready to rock some awesome pants while being oh so comfortable!
I LOVE this trend!
Alright, I need these! I am so tired of jeans >:(
More flexible. More room. My knees won't hurt after a long journey. I plan to buy the fabric and get them made... or just buy them cause I don't get what I want when I ask anyone to do anything for me... kmt
I like them. I want a pair.
Me too! They are like pajama pants that are acceptable (and fashionable!) to wear in public :)