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It’s time for the A$AP-TDE Collab album.
Recently A$AP Rocky went on the DJ Whoo Kidd show at Sirius XM to discuss his second studio album A.L.L.A. (At Long Last A$AP). During the interview, Rocky discussed his desire to stray away from the glossier, more commercial sounds of those records and move more towards his vintage work.
Later in the interview, the topic of the lack of TDE members on this album came to the forefront. Rocky discussed in details the difficulty of making these collabs happen sometimes. You gotta realize, man, even sometimes I’m not able to be around [A$AP] Ferg like I want to,” Rocky says, “and we in the same crew.” He went on to suggest that the same sort of scheduling difficulties are likely to cause hangups within TDE as well: “[Q] and Kendrick probably don’t even get to kick it like that, out of priority–they busy being artists.” After that exchange, Rocky playfully takes a moment to glance at the camera to suggest the two crews “collide.”
This is exactly what the culture needs. Two of the biggest collectives in music on one project. Financially, this could be a great look for all parties, as the collectives could take this music on the road and set up a monster tour situation. We have seen the synergy in the past between these crews and the quality of music that has been created in the past.
Lets not deny the culture music that could be a force in rap music for years to come. Punch and Chace, you should get the crews together and bring this to life.
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If any two crews could create something awesome together, it would definitely be those two. I feel like they're both creating such a new wave of hip-hop that it'd be interesting to see how they work together.