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This is my rescue baby Diesel. He is a 2 year old Doberman/Pit bull mix and I ended up saving him from horrible conditions. He was beaten, starved, left out on a choker chain in all weather conditions, the only water he got was when it rained, and he was put in a shock collar because he is a bit vocal. It took three baths just to get the dirt out of his fur and then we realized he was blind. It also took a month before I could even get him to untuck his tail he was so afraid of being beaten again. One would think that after a lifetime of abuse, especially since he is of two "aggressive" breeds, or so people like to say, that he would have turned out to be vicious and mean. Instead with a little love and patience he has turned out to be the most loveable, goofy, and faithful companion I could ever ask for. And although he is blind and came from the situation he did, I am truly blessed to have been able to save him. Diesel is worth his weight in gold not only to me but to those who have met him.
He looks so comfortable and contest. Bless you for rescuing him
I love his smile in the second photo! What a sweet heart!