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In Hollywood, is a baby the best fashion accessory? Stylish celebrity moms prove that dressing a child may be the most important aspect of motherhood. See my top picks for stylish mother-daughter combos below.

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise have spent the last nine years perfecting mother-daughter style. Their classic girly outfits are so matchy-matchy, they may take the prize for the most fashionable pair.

Kim Kardashian and North West

With parents as fashion (and spectacle) obsessed as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, there's no way North won't grow up a fashion plate. Her parents have given her a running leap into the world of style, seating their tot in the front rows of major fashion shows amongst fashion royalty.

Victoria Beckham and Harper Beckham

Victoria definitely treats Harper like the ideal arm accessory. Harper's chubby little legs are so adorable- does anyone else see that they're larger than Victoria's arms?

Michelle Williams and Matilda Rose Ledger

Michelle Williams' daughter Matilda looks like the splitting image of her late father Heath Ledger, which breaks my heart. But the way Michelle has mastered their mother-daugther style always makes me smile. Matilda is always age-appropriate to not exactly match her trendy mom.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Anja Ambrosio Mazur

Alessandra Ambrosio is one hot mama! Her adorable daughter Anja is often seen in toddler-appropriate versions of her mother's ensembles, making them one perfect duo.

Kate Moss and Lila Grace

They've both got the London look! Kate has certainly taught her daughter well, and together, they're one chic pair. Growing up with Kate Moss as a mother must be a lot of things, but we can't help but admire the wardrobe that girl is going to inherit.

Jessica Alba and Honor Warren

Jessica Alba certainly dresses Honor like a little lady! Honor is often wearing clothes that I myself would be happy to wear, were it not made for a small child. Who knows if Honor wants to look just like her mom, or if Jessica is just dying for a mini-me.

And finally, Beyoncé Knowles and Blue Ivy Carter

Okay, so Beyoncé is such a fashion plate that she could mother a teacup pig and they would still be a fashionable duo. Despite her attempts to hide her daughter from the spotlight, we can all see that Blue is adorable, and she's going to be a trendsetter for sure, thanks to her mother.
SO many of them just look like mini mes of their celebrity mothers. I love how Michelle Williams dresses her daughter. I wish I looked that effortlessly chic when I was her age!
@onlydreaming I know! She's kind of the antithesis to Posh Spice
posh spice's daughter is so cute.. look how puffy her cheeks are