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Does anyone else cringe when you shell out more money on a pair of sandals than on boots? How can they be more expensive — there is less fabric! Don't worry, I've got you covered. Here are some amazing sandals for less than $20. Shop away!
These leather sandals ($20) from Forever 21 are perfect for adding a bohemian feel to an outfit. The tassels give them a 70s vibe and the toe loop and extra straps provides great support for lots of walking.
Huarache sandals are a combination of sandals and flats. This means they look super sophisticated, while still keeping your feet cool in the summer heat. These huarache sandals ($16) from Target are incredibly versatile for whatever your fashion vibe is this summer.
Take it back to ancient Rome with the gladiator style of sandals, like these sandals ($20) from Forever 21.
Animal prints are great on sandals, like on these ($18) from H&M. Animal print sandals are best paired with a simple outfit — let your awesome shoes do the talking!
Pastels are incredibly fashionable right now. Rock this trend with pastel sandals like these ($13) from Target and enjoy some summer walking.
The color on these knotted sandals ($13) from Forever 21 is amazing! The metallic tone is perfect for dressing up an outfit a little bit or just added some glimmer to an outfit.
Sandals with lots of straps are not only fashionable, but also provide a lot of support for lots of walking. These strappy sandals ($16) from Target provide some extra comfort when walking (and might give you a interesting tan lines).
These sandals ($16) from Forever 21 combine an earth tone with a flash of silver. The wrapping on the straps is unique and gives the shoes a more sophisticated feel than plain brown ones.
Footbed sandals are the equivalent of a mattress for your feet. The sole provides an incredible level of comfort so you aren't in pain by the end of a long day. These sandals ($20) from Target (also on sale so go, go, go!) are perfect for lots of walking.
Zippers add some fun flair to shoes. Try the zipper trend with these sandals ($19) from Target (but hurry, they are on sale!). The zippers give your shoes an edgier look.
Agreed! They are definitely a must have shoe for summer!
i love huarache sandals.. i feel like they're my go-to hot weather shoe when it comes time to figure out my summer wardrobe