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The Sherlock fandom is INTENSE (that's why I love us). We pay attemtion to every detail, read the subtext of every scene like it's our first language, and create fanworks that rival the work of the BBC. Thr cosplayers are no exception. The above photo by jenabhone on Deviantart is so well constructed and posed, for a second I wasn't sure whether or not this was an offical promotional image.
This female Moriary is probably shrugging about something that's about to explode. Featuring HildeHHH, I'd definitely be worried about my personal safety. Can't you just imagine the delivery of "honey you should see me in a crown"?
These amazing Sherlock cosplays by katieroseclark on Tumblr really capture the spirit of the original character. The condescending glare, the impatience for anything ordinary, I wouldn't be surprised if she turned around and started shooting at the walls.
What a duo! John is especialky interesting. Thenpigtails look sonunassuming, but we all know that the brutal, snarky John Watson is still there. The signature Watson sweater is what gives it away.
These genderswapped Holmes and Adler cosplayers basically made my jaw drop. All of the tension between the twoncharacters is present. I can practically hear Irene (Ian?) purring "know when you are beaten", and I can only image how the dynamic at the end of The Woman would change if this version of Sherlock was the one spitting out "this is your heart... and you should never let it rule your head!" Bravo sirenskye and schnikeman.
@shannonl5 this is so cool!! Before this article I never thought of gender swapped Sherlock but I can feel myself slowly being sucked into a new fandom....
The third girls hair is great, I wonder how she got those curls!
I loveeeee the last one!
@LizArnone yesss let me suck you into this fandom ("Welcome to the dark side, we have cookies")