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Vegan ice-cream is amazing. I've had a lot of vegan ice-cream from a lot of places, and I'd say that it's so much better than the milk kind. I may be biased because I am lactose intolerant, but whatever.
I'll give ya all of tools you need to make vegan ice-cream with one ingredient.
Whaaa....ONE ingredient?
Yeah, I said it.

What You'll Need:

Ripe bananas

How To Make It:

Slice your banana with about a 1-inch thickness.
Place your chunks of bananas on a glass plate. Don't pile the chunks, give them their own space. Do not cover.
Leave them in the freezer for at least 2 hours, or overnight.
Remove bananas from freezer and put the chunks into a food processor, a blender works too.
Blend or process bananas. Scrape sides of blender/food processor. Let it continue to blend until it becomes an ice-cream consistency.

Exciting Part:

You may garnish your ice-cream to your liking. There's so much you can do with it!
I've one added chilled coffee to my ice-cream. Mmm coffee ice-cream!
@shannon15 Isn't it weird that Oreos are vegan? Stuff like that always makes me laugh. People assume that vegan almost always means healthy, but I can think of toooons of junk food that doesn't use any animal products.
If you're not trying to be super healthy @danidee I also recommend adding Oreos. Surprisingly enough that would still be vegan, and it tastes amazing.
@shannon15 That sounds like an awesome idea! I was going to ask if you could switch this recipe up with different flavors.
Oh maaaaan that chocolate powder idea is fantastic, count me in @shannonl5 @alywoah
Totally trying this out once it gets a little warmer here
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