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Two years ago Edward Snowden released secret information exposing the National Security Agency (NSA) and showed the public the true depth to which the government was watching us. The big announcement came as a shock to many Americans, but when I try to talk to my friends about it...
“What? Who even is Edward Snowden?”
It seems my generation is a bit misinformed when it comes to one of the greatest scandals in national security.
Today Edward Snowden wrote an Op-Ed in the New York Times about the change in privacy policy that has taken place over the last two years. Especially with the recent termination of the Patriot Act, which allowed a mass surveillance of private phone calls.
Edward Snowden says that “This is the power of an informed public.” But it is it an informed public, or just an informed power few? Was my generation part of the few that spoke out about this? I didn’t see any.
If you don’t know much about the Patriot Act, Edward Snowden or the real threat behind government surveillance, try watching this hilarious video by John Oliver. He really puts it all into perspective.
Millennials have been using computers for the majority of their lives, and we are on our smart phones daily. Government surveillance is scary stuff. Isn’t it important we understand the policy that is taking place behind this problem?
One day, one day... Snowden will be remembered as a hero, and a true Patriot.
I have to say, like you I think John Oliver has helped me learn so much hahaha he does such a great job explaining issues like this!
I think so too @InVinsybll lol. patriot & patriot act. I see you
Same here! I learn so much more when I’m laughing!