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One of the most imaginative cakes I have ever seen--LIKE EVER--comes from the genius confectionery of Rosalind Miller Cakes, which is all the way in London. I sense a field trip coming on. Wanna go?
There are way too many incredible cakes to share, so I've selected just a few of my favs, including a cake that lights up from inside! Scroll to the bottom to see that one. As many of you know, I am a sucker for non-traditional wedding cakes. I like the innovative and the dramatic. Nothing wrong with standards, that are popular, but I like a bit more oomph.
Not only are Rosalind Miller cakes stunning visually, they are epic enough to be sold through the legendary Harrod's. That in itself is bragging rights.
Take a look at the bottom tier on this red and gold beauty. It's SMALLER than the second tier!
Blues and dragonflies bring enchantment to life with this five-tier stunner.
And there you have it--a light-up wedding cake. That isn't glow in the dark; it really lights up! How they did it? Beats me! Feel free to add your thoughts and theories.
HOW IS THIS EVEN REAL? These are all completely stunning. I could see them being props for very elaborate movies.
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Me too @beywatch her website has a ton more. sometimes you see one cake, you've seen them all, but not here
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I'd love to read some sort of interview with Rosalind Miller. I'm really curious as to what inspires her and how she got to this level of technique.
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