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Who actually enjoys training for the Tough Mudder or the Spartan Race? Literally no one. Instead why don't you head down to your local bar, or even down the hall to your fridge and start training for the best race. The Beer Mile.
Thats right ladies and gentlemen, you read correctly. The Beer Mile. A feat of athleticism that not only combines sprinting but also drinking beer very, very quickly. College boys across the nation have prepared themselves for this very obstacle. The Beer Mile consists of running four laps on a standard 400 meter running track. For those of you who are drunk while reading this, that means to complete the mile you have to run 4 laps. At the beginning of each lap you must first chug a beer. The women's and men's rules differ slightly in the fact that if they choose, women can begin the race without chugging a beer.
Rather then squatting, lifting and whatever else gyms rats do at the gym for three hours, your training will be a lot more fun. Step 1- Chug a beer. Step 2- Run as fast as you can to your favorite bar. Step 3- Chug more beer. Step 4- Do not throw up.
There are only a few Rules for the Beer Mile, but they are important. Your beer should be at least 5.0% ABV. The most popular is Budweiser. You must drink your beer from the mouth piece. That means no shotgunning or funnels, which is the only slightly disappointing thing about this race. You can not throw up until you completed the mile. If you do, you have to run an extra penetly mile to complete the race.
So happy training. I hope some of you are super inspired to begin tonight but most importantly, enjoy rubbing it in your fit friends faces that you totally destroyed a race. Just finishing is a feat unto itself. The time to beat- 4:57.0. Record set by James "The Beast" Nielsen. Do you James, do you.
@beywatch 100%. I would never be able to do this haha running a mile without chugging beer would be hard haha
I feel sick just reading this!
ohhhh i would throw up my guts if I did this
I.... would probably end up throwing up everywhere. It would certainly make a memory though!