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We are definitely the fandom that waited. With hiatusus that last for two years (instead of the cusyomary 6-12months that other shows take off) and season 4 still a long way from now (supposedly it's set to air in 2017... four years after season 3), the Sherlock fandom needs to keep itself occupied during the wait. Binge watching only lasts about 9 hours (ten if you include the unaired pilot), and sjnce we still have abiut 17,520 more hours (approximately) until season 4, we have a lot kf time on our hands. And you can definitely tell.


I have no explanation to offer. Sherlock Holmes is a tuna.


This one is a pun. And puns were once considered the highest form of comedy. We can all thank geothebio for this one.


You know what goes perfectly with bread? And we are all very sure that John loves jam. Kate Beaton started this trend, and the Sherlock fandom rolled with it.

Crack videos

Mashups of your favorite scenes with clips from Dr. Who and other popular shows, all to the soundtrack of a pop music station with an attention span of about ten seconds. For when the waiting has pretty much made you lose it.

Flower crowns

For the flower queen in all of us. Just make sure you've got someone to hold your flower when somebody starts talking smack.