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1. Leather shorts are a great way to dress up an otherwise simple outfit.
Find great options here, here, and here.
2. A leather dress for night doesn't have to be as intense as it sounds.
If you're intimidated by a full leather dress, find a cocktail dress with leather accents or features. Find great options here, here, and here.
3. Throw a leather jacket over anything and everything.
Fringed leather jackets are big this summer, but a moto jacket never goes out of style; you can't go wrong either way. Just don't wear anything heavily lined! Great options here, here, and here.
4. A leather miniskirt is a classic look paired with a lightweight tee for summer.
Some believe the leather skirt should be reserved for colder months, but paired with a casual t-shirt or tank and open-toed shoes (or sneakers!), it's totally summer-ready. Great options here and here.
5. Wear a leather blouse for a polished look with edge.
Caution: don't go for the long-sleeved blouse on the hottest day of summer. But on milder warm days, the long-sleeve leather blouse is a fun twist on a classic work shirt. Wear with cut-offs for a more casual look. Find options here, here.
6. A leather vest is a great way to break up an outfit.
The leather jacket's cousin, the leather vest is edgy and cool, and is best paired with girlier dresses and rompers to toughen up a sweet look without going over-the-top. Find options here, here, and here.
7. Leather shell tees are a nighttime staple to dress up jeans or shorts.
A sleeveless or cap-sleeve black tee is both casual and polished, and perfect for a night-out when paired with boyfriend jeans or cut-offs. Find great options here, here, and here.
8. The boldest girls can try leather swimsuits for a daring poolside look.
This look is a serious statement, and definitely not for everyone. If you want to try this look but are (understandably) intimidated, go for a bikini in a sheen similar to a leather, but not the realt thing. Options here and here.
9. Leather pants and leggings don't need to be reserved for fall.
Just because it's summer doesn't mean all of your pants are suddenly rendered unwearable. Leather leggings look cool and sleek when paired with a long tank or sleeveless tunic and sandals. Find a pair here, here, and here.
10. On the hottest days, stick to leather accessories and embellishments.
When you want the leather vibe but just can't stand to sweat anymore, find summery pieces with leather details and accents. Find pieces with leather details here, here, and here.