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This spring and summer, fashion designers took their ad campaigns to another level, using trippy colors and graphics. We've seen plenty of dark, spooky, and creepy fashion editorials, but this trend takes bold graphics to another level. Above image from Alexander Wang's Spring 2015 ad campaign.
Valentino just released the ad campaign for their pre-fall 2015 collection, and the models are just a series of surrealistic props laying among one another, expertly showcasing the Valentino clothes and shoes to make us obsessed.
Pucci's spring/summer 2015 ad campaign worked the 70's vibes into a trippy visual collage, mixing model, garment and graphics just enough to intrigue us.
Another from the Pucci spring/summer 2015 ad campaign.
The Balmain spring/summer 2015 ad campaigns, shot by Mario Sorrenti, may be a bit busy, but the excitement of the graphic garments combined with that of watching our favorite supermodels "eat" burgers makes the photos crazy and tantalizing.
Another great shot from the Alexander Wang spring/ summer 2015 campaign.
Kenzo's spring/ summer 2015 campaign wasn't even as surrealistic as they've been in the past!
A season prior, Kenzo's fall/ winter 2014/2015 campaign, shot by Pierpaolo Ferrari, was a trippy-surrealistic dream. I'm intrigued to see what Kenzo puts out for their pre-fall 2015 campaign; perhaps something along the lines of Valentino's?
@beywatch, yeah, I really like any ad campaign that references works of art like the Magritte-esque Kenzo ads
Those Kenzo ones are really different. I especially like the one with the sky in the background. I feel like a lot of fashion ads try to make their models look like they're hanging out in some really stylish European club, but the bright colors in that one really wake up my eyes.