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Miss Piggy has been making headlines after publishing her very own editorial piece for TIME Magazine about her feminist beliefs. This article came hot on the heels of the announcement that the muppet will be honored with a Sackler Center First Award from the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum later this week.
Yes. Miss Piggy. And no, this is not a prank.
A lot of you might be wondering: How could a celebrity pig be a feminist icon? (But don't worry. Miss Piggy addresses such criticism early on in her piece.)
"Yes, it is true that I am a Porcine American. How can a … ahem, pig … be a feminist? After all, the p word has long been associated with the very antithesis of feminists 'male chauvinist.' This, alas, is a vestige of latent 'species-ism.' Sure, there are male chauvinist pigs, but there are also male chauvinist humans and, on very rare occasions and at their own peril, male chauvinist amphibians. Let us not besmirch an entire species because of the sins of a few."
Well said, Piggy.
Piggy then goes on to discuss the future of feminism, something she believes must be 'proud, positive, powerful, perseverant, and, wherever possible, alliterative' and should 'believe in itself, share its triumphs, overcome its setbacks and inspire future generations.'
Or, in her words, "It must be a lot like … moi."
Do you think Miss Piggy has been a powerful feminist icon?
Read the article here and comment below to let me know what you think!
I think this is fun and all, but I also think it ultimately detracts from the goals of femisim and makes a kind of mockery out of the whole thing. There were so many better and more poignant choices who would have been a better salute to femism (ahem Laverne Cox) but they went with a puppet pig.
@VinMcCarthy I agree. I feel like this was an attempt at being fun and silly, but it's trivializing a major issue.