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Just because your makeup products aren't stamped with a "use by" date like a carton of milk doesn't mean that we should be using them years, even months down the line. Just like food and drinks, certain makeup products also come with an expiration date. It's okay, you didn't know -- well, now you do and you can take action. Bad news, you'll have to throw a large percentage of everything in your makeup bag away. Good news, you learned something new and now you can go out and splurge on new products. Maybe?
Spoiled Product #1: Foundation/Concealer
So, you thought that $50 foundation you purchased two years ago was still going to live up to its full potential, you were dead wrong. Foundations should be replaced every 6 months to one year.
Spoiled Product #2: Mascara
You've been wearing the same mascara since junior year of high school and you're about to graduate from college. Run for the trash can now! Our eyes are sensitive and prone to bacteria, because of this mascara should be replaced every 2-3 months.
Spoiled Product #3: Shower Loofah
Your poor shower loofah has been holding on for dear life, literally. Rinsing your loofah off with water after several months isn't going to wash away all the dead skin cells it has collected. It's time for a new loofah 2-3 months after purchase.
Spoiled Product #4: Face Wash
That face wash you're using discontinued two months after you purchased it, but nearly a year later you're still trying to get the last remnants from the container. Please toss it and remember that no matter how amazing the face wash may be, never keep for more than 2-3 months.
Spoiled Product #5: Lip Gloss
We had to save the best for last. Every woman's best friend -- well most. Although it doesn't take most of us long to run through a tube of lip gloss, if you're still using past a year to a year and a half, it's time to move on.
The face wash one took me by surprise. I didn't know it should be replaced within 2-3 months. I've been using my current face wash for 7 months now.
I honestly didn't know either, but I usually go through a face wash in that time period or less for the most part @madeleine