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You're in a room surrounded by people you never met. You look around and everyone is doing what most millennial’s do when faced with a room full of strangers…glue themselves to their phones. I don't know why we do that. Maybe to look like we have more important things to do? Maybe to give off the vibe that we have so many friends, too many friends, to be bothered with strangers.
Maybe we just want to look totally at ease with the situation; we are simply above caring about the awkwardness of interacting with new people.
I am so over that bullshit.
Make this the year that you are brave and make the first move!!!
Take it upon yourself to walk into a room, assess the annoyingly strained quiet, and say a big hello. Smile at everyone, plop down next to the person who gave you the warmest smile and just start talking.
I pinky promise that most people are going to feel relieved that someone broke the ice. After a minute at least one other person is going to break into the conversation that you just started and then you'll be set.
Its the people who try to make connections in large groups of people that appear the most relaxed, at ease and attract more people. You “too cool for anyone” phone people don't attract that many good vibes since you aren't paying attention enough to even see a smile thrown your way!
So next time you are starting something new, in a room full of future new friends, be the ice breaker. Say hello first! Throw around a bunch of smiles.
And if you don't get any in return, you can always go on your phone…or carry a signal jammer.
so true @lizarnone !! I gotta make the effort to be more open in unfamiliar situations!! :)
Easier said then done for this techo generation, who are attached to their phones and media outlets