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DIY Anthropologie Zinc Letters
Have you seen the $20 Anthropologie Zinc Letters? Spelling my name would run me $100, which is ridiculous. I have a wedding to plan and need to save all the money I can. Check out this super easy, CHEAP, diy that will cost you no more than $20 for five letters, as is the case for my name!
Love this girl--she shops at Hobby Lobby too!

You will need:

Paper mache letters
Black acrylic paint
Silver metallic acrylic paint
Foam brush
Bristle brush

All you do is:

1. Use the foam brush to paint black onto letters; let dry.
2. Take your time to daub and brush metallic paint onto the letters using a bristle brush.
NOTE: You want the strokes of the metallic paint to look like metal, so don't go heavy on the paint.
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