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Marvel: Ant-Man is part of MCU, doesn't suck
The new Ant-Man tv spot is brief, but the footage at the beginning reminds us that, while he's not an Avenger, Paul Rudd's upcoming character is definitely part of the MCU. Was there some chance we might forget?
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I'm glad that they got a comedic actor like Rudd to play the character (because it means they know nobody is taking Ant-Man seriously). But I'm still underwhelmed. The most intense fight scene in the trailer takes place on a model train set. That's far cry from the Battle of New York. I'm just not convinced anyone actually wants to see a movie about a guy who can shrink. It feels like the only way to pull it off is to go the ridiculously campy route, and it doesn't look like Marvel made that call. It feels like a flop to me. Reminding us of previous successes in the franchise wont fix it.
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I still don't understand HOW he's going to fit into everything. I mean I can sort of *see* it, but at the same time I'm still unsure. Part of me thinks that they could've picked a different hero for to end Phase 2
Questions like "how" are important. Also "why". I feel like Captain Marvel might have been a better call. (Or Black Widow. Just putting that out there).
YES why hasn't Black Widow gotten her own movie yet?! I gotta call somebody... even though that probably won't do anything... I'll still call someone
I honestly zoned out watching that trailer and it was only 30 seconds....I don't think this was a good choice