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Scents are inevitably linked to experiences. Remember what middle school smelled like?

That's right. Cucumber Melon, or maybe White Tea and Ginger? Country Apple?Whatever your scent....IT'S BACK!

I have a Bath and Body Works addiction (which I am not proud of), but the line is outdoing itself by bringing back our favorite '90's scents. Remember begging your mom to take you into the good-smelling wonderland to purchase


Long live Cucumber Melon.
Though redesigned, Bath and Body Works will feature Cucumber Melon, Juniper Breeze, Pear Berry, White Tea and Ginger and Country Apple. Only for a limited time!
Cucumber melon was my first scent and I moved on to Moonlight after it was discontinued. I'm so excited to see it back on the shelf!
pearberry was always my favorite when i was in middle school!