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Can you tell that I am seriously all about summer?! This summer caftan project is going to be a snap because you don't need to drag the sewing machine out for this one. You'll be able to get this project done in a couple hours or less with glue as your adhesive.
2-3 yards of fabric
1-2 yards of trim
1 applique
Fabric glue
Angela, from How To Hottie, online, explains in her easy YouTube tutorial how to take these supplies and whip them into a gorgeous caftan that you can wear later in the evening out to the pool. I suppose the big question is what shoes to wear with this! What would you wear? I'm thinking strappy flats, though, not the gladiator style that the model has on.
i usually search ebay and etsy for cool vintage caftans but now i might just go buy some cool fabrics and make one myself
I don't know if they are there. Yeah, Vogue is huge. You can order from them online too if you want. But since you're in NJ, there should be hundreds of fabric places you can shop--even if you headed to New York.
there's a shop called vogue? i'll have to look it up to see if it's in nj too
I was just at JoAnn's yesterday. I was shocked by how many cool and unusual fabrics they have now. I usually make the trip to Evanston, which isn't too far. There's a Vogue there. Tons of cute and beautiful fabrics. Not crafty at all.
i wonder where i can get unusual fabrics, i feel like joann's or michael's would make really ugly patterns
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