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Shot in the Mojave Desert (California) at the aircraft boneyard - where large commercial airplanes go to die - this was a challenging shoot. First there were certain directions I wasn't able to shoot because the FBI and Homeland Security use some of the planes for secret training exercises - I had VERY CLEAR instructions that if I was caught shooting those planes I'd probably get myself and everyone else arrested. LOL. How's that for pressure? The second issue was the weather. It rained half the shoot and the temperature hovered around 40 degrees (with the wind-chill - and the wind was kickin'). The last issue was my shoot was secondary to the large-budget music video shoot the band had flown in from Europe to undertake. I had to grab Olivier (who is a personal friend of mine and asked me to come - it's notable that the bass guitar he's playing/holding in all of the shots was one of mine) - between takes. The end result was a bunch of fun and interesting shots and he was very happy with them. As a professional photographer you have to roll with the punches and sometimes it's not as easy as setting up some lights and your camera and shooting. Sometimes you'll have challenging weather, or a difficult location, or both. As a professional you have to make due and make it work... all while remaining positive and nurturing to your talent/subject and everyone involved. In the end you want to have great images that the client is happy with and you want to be sure to leave any door open - any bridges unburnt - so you can hopefully work with the client in question again and again. Remember that successful careers are built on long-term customers and having a solid reputation for professionalism and delivery of what the client wants.