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Easy Homemade Mini Grill

I saw this and flipped out. HAHA I don't go camping and don't imagine that I will ever be in a spot of survival. However, this has to be the tiniest, cutest, simplest, cheapest, most awesome diy grill that I have ever seen in my life. Like, this should be on the news or something, it's that cool.
All you need are a few items that are ALREADY IN YOUR HOME:
1 Wire hanger
3 Binder clips
2 bread pans (disposable, so you may need to buy this; big whoop!)
Sand paper
Watch the vid and make one of these today. Let me know what you think of this. Summer is like, right around the corner, so we need to prep now so we're ready! LOL <3
Let me know how this works for you @lvplus2
Awesome!!!!!!! I'm soooo going to try this!
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심심한데 x-mas 티코스터나 만들어볼까나?
안녕하세요? 여러분의 만들기를 도와주는 소잉센스임다(찡긋~^_-) 빙글에 글 쓰는게 좀 오랜만인데요, 신입 주제에 너무 오랜만에 와서 미안해요... 절대 귀찮아서 그런게 아닙니다!(절대 네버 네버~!) 절대 귀찮은게 아니라고오...흠냐.... 어느덧 2020년의 마지막인 12월이 왔는데요, 올해도 참... 한 건 없는데 벌써 12월이라니..... 정말.. 슬프네요... 근데 더 슬픈건요.... 이제 곧 크리스마스래요... 꿈..이라고.. 해줘...ㅠㅠ 어차피 코로나로 어디 가지도 못하고~ 크리스마스를 집에서 보내야 하잖아요? (코로나 아니었어도 집인 사람 좋아요 누르세요...) 그래서 오늘 준비했습니다! 크리스마스 홈파뤼를 위한 티코스터 만들기!(두둥) 크리스마스 분위기 물씬물씬~ 요렇게 컵을 올려도 좋고! 캔들이나 조명, 인형같은 장식을 올려놔도 괜찮쥬?? 저번에 핫팩 만든 것처럼 천 2장만 있으면 아주 뚝따리뚝뚝딱딱 입니다. (똥손들이여~ 만들러 가자~~~) 만드는 방법은 영상으로 준비되어 있습니다. 크리스마스 티코스터 만드는 방법 https://youtu.be/zeinutifUKU 다들 보고 있는거 맞죠...? 왜 조회수가 그대로냐... 물론 블로그에도 있으니 자세한건 블로그로 보세요! 준비물 잠깐 소개해볼게요~ 1. 접착솜(12x12cm) ⚠️ 이미지에 사이즈가 잘못되었으니 못본 척 하시기 바랍니다. 2. 본(14x14cm) - 정사각형이라서 따로 자료 안드릴게요~ 3. 무지천, 프린트천 각 1장(14x14cm) 4. 바늘, 실, 가위, 수성펜(또는 연필) 5. 똥손이든 금손이든 만들 수 있는 손구락 6. 만들겠다는 열정과 의지 7. 구독과 좋아요좀 해줘야겠다는 자비 자자 준비물은 이정도면 된 것 같아요! 특히 6번 잘 챙기시구요~(7번은 무시하지마시구요!) 제 말 들어주실거죠?? 자 그럼 이제 여러분은 만들기 하러 가시구요~ 즐거운 크리스마스 보내셔야 하구요~ 여러분 크리스마스 즐길 동안... 저는 이제 다음 만들기 준비하러 가겠습니다~ (오 방금 프로정신 5져따, 나 좀 멋있?) 미리 메리 크리스마스
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Buff Orpington chickens beginning
Buff Orpington chickens are famous patio chickens. The chicken was developed to be a double-purpose chicken with maximum potential; they are bigger and more useful egg layers. Some chicken ranchers and metropolitan chicken managers have become very fond of Buff Orpingtons since they were created. It is the Buff, the most famous of all Orpingtons, that is responsible for the majority of the breed’s adaptations. With this chicken, everyone will find something they like. What Buff Orpington chicks resemble Do you need someone who can lay great eggs? You can’t go wrong with a Buff Orpington. Are you looking for a sweet bird that loves to cuddle? Alternatively, a bird that enjoys the attention of your children? The Buff Orpington seems to be a good choice, all things considered. Want to raise chicks in a broody hen or raise meat birds on your estate? The Buff Orpington, that’s right. No matter if you’re just beginning or a pro, you can’t go wrong with this sort of variety… Nevertheless, there are a few special cases. In spite of the fact that buff orpingtons endure hot temperatures, for instance, you should avoid potential risk to ensure they stay dry. There are numerous chicken varieties that distinguish their hens from their roosters quite easily. Several roosters show contrasting feather colors, making it easy to separate them from hens. Nevertheless, Buff Orpingtons are born buff and remain that way their entire lives. It doesn’t mean, however, that it will be impossible for you to distinguish between the hens and roosters. Evidently, you could wait for the hens to lay eggs. There’s no doubt that’s an idiot-proof method. The buff orpington rooster a notorious patio chicken variety. Breeding and growing these chickens is a cutting edge enterprise that produces chickens that are better for egg-laying and bigger for meat production. You can read more about chickens and pets in our site happychickensfarm.com. Is the Buff Orpington Appropriate For You? A popular lawn chicken variety is the buff orpington chicks. In other words, they are a cutting edge breed, created to be a chicken with maximum potential, meaning they are bigger and better egg layers. Chicks from buff orpingtons are strong chickens. The animals had often been raised in a wet and cold climate, where they were frequently exposed to cruel conditions. They have become very cold tolerant due to this rearing, and they particularly enjoy living where the winters are colder and the summers are mild. Their only flaw is a tendency toward broodiness. However, assuming you’re interested in raising your own buff orpingtons, the buff is the best breed for you. These mothers do a good job of caring for the chicks. This enormous bird cannot tolerate high temperatures, so you should provide shade, ventilation, and a lot of space for it. It depends on the shade variety you get when you order buff orpington chicken what kind of eggs they will lay. The buff is well known for being an excellent egg layer. As a rule, different assortments are more suitable for middle classes. Normally, you can expect anywhere between 3-5 eggs per week (150-250 per year). Orpington’s Appreciate Eating The stoutness of these birds should be examined before feeding them – they can be heavy feeders. Despite spending most of its time at the feeder, the buff orpington is far from a lazily foraging bird. The Orpington, with its widely appealing free flight, will be able to successfully find what she needs on the farm. Her preference is for dishes and if you’re spending time on the patio or taking an outing, she’ll join in. The size of the Orpington The enormous size of the Orpington and its small plume thickness make it a challenging bird for hunters to take down. The adorable variety is also reserved around hunters, which is why it seems to enjoy hanging out near the feeders. Regardless of this, you will have more eyes looking out for your hens if you add a rooster to your unfenced herd. There was a paradigm shift in the double-reason chicken-world with the introduction of the Buff Orpington breed. Prior to the introduction of the conventional table bird, it was typically really gaunt and did not lay good eggs. One of the numerous choices for coloring is the buff, which is unquestionably the best option. Possibly the warmth of the quills was combined with an air of peace and harmony. They aren’t loud similar to some different varieties, nor are they pushy. The Orpingtons have persevered, despite disagreements within the family. Your terrace chicken love has stopped a decline in numbers. There is no denying that legacy birds (particularly the buff) have most unquestionably earned a place in everyone’s home and hearts at the present time.
Quail Eggs Eating Ultimate Health Benefits
Benefits of eating quail eggs include improve metabolism, promote bone strength, help to speed up recovery, beneficial to the respiratory system, help in maintaining regular sugar levels in the blood, help relieve depression, detox our bodies, boost concentration, have anti-aging properties, perfect for a protein-based diet, improve skin health, treat acne, make your nails shine, reduce hair loss and help control dandruff. Quail eggs are a superfood fairly accessible by most people and widely used in local cuisine. However, its many benefits are not as well-known as other foods. Eggs can be a great source of nutrients and help in fighting several diseases. They Are Beneficial To the Respiratory System Promote Bone Strength Just adding eggs to your diet can produce visible effects on the time your body takes to digest food and the quality of your digestive process and will find quail eggs near me. It is not easy to improve our metabolism but changing habits can be essential. A high metabolic activity helps burn calories faster, promoting weight loss. Eggs are rich in vitamin B, which is proven to speed up our metabolism. By adding this food to our diet, we are also filling our need for zinc and potassium. Through these properties, quail eggs are proven to reduce the risk of osteoporosis or bone weakening diseases. These properties are proven to assist damaged cells in their regenerating process. Also, introducing quail egg to your diet after a common illness such as the flu or a cold can be essential in a fast recovery. HOMEMADE PICKLED QUAIL EGGS HOW TO MAKE Pickled quail eggs aren’t just a cute novelty, they’re delicious! After a long vacation road trip across the country. We’ve considered raising them ourselves, since they’re pretty easy to tend, and you can even raise them indoors in rabbit hutches without too much trouble. Quail eggs are different. If you try to crack a raw quail egg into a bowl you’ll quickly learn that while the shell breaks easily, the membrane underneath does not. Once they’re hard-boiled and peeled, making pickled quail egg isn’t any different than any type of pickled egg. While the process isn’t any different, the result sure is. How to find get quail eggs for sale I have provided you the best platform where you can buy and sell your Quails, Quails eggs online and earn profit or you can get more to know about quails here Here you can buy and purchase quail egg How To Cook Quail Eggs Get Some Ideas First, bring your quails’ eggs to room temperature before cooking. Then: To cook soft boiled quails’ eggs with still runny yolks: Fill a small saucepan to about 3cm (just over an inch) depth with water and bring it to a boil. Carefully lower the eggs into the boiling water and cover the pan. Simmer for a minute. You will find quail eggs near me in this article Remove from heat and leave to stand for a minute. Drain in cold water until they are cool enough to carefully shell… and serve. Recipe for how to cook quail eggs Advises cooking the eggs in their shell for 2 minutes 20 seconds (!) in lightly simmering water. Drain, and replace the hot water with cold. Cool under running water, and then shell carefully. How to Crack Quail Eggs Don’t try cracking quail eggs on the side of a bowl, like you would chicken eggs — this is because the membrane underneath the shell is thicker! Instead, crack your quail eggs with a paring knife or serrated knife. You can also use a special quail egg scissor or cutting tool. The best way to crack a quail egg is with a small, sharp knife. Gently tap the shell and then pierce the membrane beneath. To enable you to discard broken yolks you may want to break into an espresso cup first
우리나라에서 연천 전곡리 구석기 유적이 발견된 계기
연천 전곡리 유적은 세계역사학계에서 중요한 유적 중 하나인데, 이유는 전곡리 유적이 발견되기 전까지만해도 학계의 입장은 아슐리안 도끼 = 유럽, 아프리카만의 구석기 문화라고 여겼기 때문임. 즉, 우리가 한국사 공부할때마다 보는 이 주먹도끼를 유럽, 아프리카 지역에만 있었다! 고 생각한 거임. 1970년대 세계의 역사학자들: 아 RGRG 주먹도끼는 유럽, 아프리카에서 쓴거고 아시아지역에서는 찍개를 썼지 (모비우스 학설) 근데 우리나라에서 주먹도끼가 발견되면서 이 학설은 완전히 전복되게 됨. 그럼 이 주먹도끼를 비롯한 전곡리 유적은 어떻게 발견되게 되었을까? 일단 미국으로 건너가봐야됨. 미국 빅터밸리 대학교 고고학과에 재학중이던 학생이 한 명 있었음.  그렉 보웬: (아 학비를 벌어야 되는데, 어떻게 벌어야 될까..) 미군: (학생들이여 군에 입대하면 돈을 벌 수 있습니다) 당시 학비를 버는 방법을 강구했던 그렉 보웬 학생은 군대에 입대하게 됨. 군에 입대하고 해외 파견 업무를 나가게 되는데... 그렇게 가게 된 나라가 우리나라... 싸우쓰 코리아였던 것임.. 그렉 보웬: (열심열심) TMI. 공군 기상관측병으로 활동함. 그렉 보웬 상병은 한국에서 열심히 근무했고, 한국인 여자친구도 사귀게 됨. 그렉 보웬 상병 여자친구 이상미씨: 그렉! 그렉 보웬: 상미! 그러던 어느 겨울날, 둘은 한탄강변을 걸으며 데이트를 즐기고 있었는데 날씨가 진짜 겁내 추운거임. 이상미씨(그렉 보웬 상병 여자친구): 그렉... 날씨가 너무 춥다.. 그치? 그렉 보웬: 상미..... 우리 추우니까 몸을 좀 녹일 겸 커피 좀 끓여서 마실까? 이상미씨: 그래, 그러면 모닥불을 피우게 돌을 좀 모아볼게! 그렇게 돌을 모으게 된 그렉 보웬 상병과 이상미씨. 그러다 상미씨가 이상한 돌을 발견하게 됨. 이상미씨: (어머 이 돌 특이하게 생겼다 ㅎㅎ 그렉한테 보여줘야지 ㅎㅎㅎ) 그렉 보웬: 상미, 돌 다 주웠어? 이상미씨: 응! 근데 그렉 이 돌 좀 봐 ㅋㅋㅋ 되게 특이하게 생겼지? (상미씨가 주워온 돌) 그렉 보웬: 응 ㅎㅎ 진짜 특이하게 생겼다 ㅎㅎ 학부때 배웠던 주먹도끼처럼 생겼...... ??????????! 그렉 보웬: 이거...... 아슐리안 주먹도끼 아니야..? 고고학을 전공했던 그렉 보웬 상병은 이 돌이 뭔가 심상치 않은 돌임을 느낌.  아무리봐도 아슐리안 주먹도끼인거임.  그렉 보웬 상병은 여자친구 이상미씨와 함께 한탄강 주변을 다시 한 번 샅샅이 살폈음. 그래서 몇 점의 주먹도끼를 더 발견하게 됨. 그렉 보웬 상병은 주먹도끼 발견 지점을 지도에 표시하고 주운 주먹 도끼를 동봉하여 프랑스의 고고학 권위자 보르도 교수에게 보냈음. "선생님, 제가 한국에서 아슐리안 주먹도끼처럼 보이는 유적을 발견했습니다. 선생님의 의견이 필요합니다." 이 교수님이 보니까 찐 주먹도끼인거임.  그래서 당시 우리나라 고고학계의 거장인 김원용 교수님(서울대학교)에게 연락해 연천 전곡리 유적을 조사해야한다고 말했음. 보르도 교수: 프로페서 킴, 이것 좀 봐요. 찐 주먹도끼가 한국에서 나왔어요. 김원용 교수: 아니.. 주먹도끼가....????? 어디서요? 연천 전곡리요? 이래서 그 이후 10년간 서울대학교 주도로 연천 전곡리 유적을 발굴하게 됨. 이 이후로 모비우스 학설도 완전 전복되게 됨. 사실 모비우스 학설이라는게 단순 아슐리안=유럽, 아프리카, 찍개=동아시아 이런 이론이 아니라 이것처럼 존나 인종차별적인 이론이었는데 (서양 우월... 동양 미개? 시벌롬들이..... 두 유 노 연천 전곡리...?) 더이상 서양 학자들은 "서양이 주먹도끼를 사용했으니까 역시 서양인이 인종적으로 더 우월했네~ㅋㅋ" 이따위 망언을 할 수 없게 된 거임.  왜? 동아시아에서 주먹도끼가 출토되었으니까 ㅡㅡ (그렉 보웬 상병이 주먹도끼 발견헀을 당시의 사진) 그 뒤 그렉 보웬 상병은 이상미씨와 결혼을 하게 되었고, 행복하게 사심. 그리고 2000년대 후반 우리나라에 방문하시기도 했음. (왼쪽은 부인인 이상미씨, 오른쪽 그렉 보웬씨) (그렉 보웬님은 2009년에 지병으로 돌아가심 ㅠㅠ) 아무튼 연천 전곡리 유적이 발견이 되지 않았으면 아직도 사실이 아닌 인종차별적인 학설이 주류가 되었을 것이다 ㅡㅡ라는 이야기. 정말 중요한 유적임. 땡큐 그렉 보웬....앤 상미... 앤 유어 러브.... tmi2: 그렉 보웬님이 인생에서 두 가지 큰 행운이 있었다고 했는데, 첫번째가 한국에서 주먹도끼를 발견한 것... 두번째가 한국에서 부인인 이상미씨를 만나 결혼하게 된 것...... 출처 : 더쿠 글을 진짜 맛깔나게 잘 쓰시네요 핳핳 머릿속에 쏙쏙 고고학전공이었던 사람이 발견하고 또 적극적으로 알려서 다행이군요.. 본인도 얼마나 신기했을까..