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Easy Homemade Mini Grill

I saw this and flipped out. HAHA I don't go camping and don't imagine that I will ever be in a spot of survival. However, this has to be the tiniest, cutest, simplest, cheapest, most awesome diy grill that I have ever seen in my life. Like, this should be on the news or something, it's that cool.
All you need are a few items that are ALREADY IN YOUR HOME:
1 Wire hanger
3 Binder clips
2 bread pans (disposable, so you may need to buy this; big whoop!)
Sand paper
Watch the vid and make one of these today. Let me know what you think of this. Summer is like, right around the corner, so we need to prep now so we're ready! LOL <3
Let me know how this works for you @lvplus2
Awesome!!!!!!! I'm soooo going to try this!
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Over the River and Through the Woods
Instead of going to just another amusement park or another social event, why can't we just to northern Cali, Oregon and camp? Walk the nearby towns, hand in hand with no cell phones? Why can't we go hiking or take a trail to a hidden waterfall and spend the day reading and tanning/relaxing together? Spend the nights cuddled up in front of a camp fire and stare up at the stars? Don't even have to talk. Just feel each other's body language. There's so much communication that's silent. Or if we do talk, talk about anything and everything. Tell me your fears. Tell me your insecurities. Tell me what you love about me. Tell me how I can love you better. Tell me everything you want to accomplish. Tell me everything you wish was real. Where did everything fall apart? Tell me why you can't open up anymore? Tell me you love me and you'll never leave.... It'll be our own little world. We can build it anew, just us two, even if it's just for a few hours. I'm extremely surprised and saddened by how many people have never seen an unmolested sky. You need to take it upon yourself to travel for away from all cities, away from small towns, into the small pockets of pure nature and just sit there for a night. Listen to it. Look up and see how small we really are. Look up and see the universe on display. Stars galore. It's quite breathtaking and humbling and relaxing and beautiful. It's easily the best and most enjoyable way to calm yourself down and regain clarify of thought.
극사실주의 인형의 대가 'michael zajkov'
안녕하세요 여러분 :) 오늘의 여러분에게 소개해드릴 작가님은 극사실주의 인형을 만드는 러시아의 작가 michael zajkov입니다 ! 먼저 작가님의 작품을 조금 살펴볼까요 ? 여러분 저 디테일한 손과 미세하게 비치는 혈관 보이시나요. . . 디테일의 정점을 찍으셨어요 *_* 와 이 사진은 정말 모델이라고 해도 믿을 것 같아요 +_+ 그렇지 않나요 ? 주근깨 표현 진짜 어마무시하죠 +_+ 작가님의 인형들은 언제나 피부표현이 예술 ! 미세한 눈가 주름부터 눈썹결까지... 정말 완벽하지 않나요 ?! 청초하게 내려다보는 시선. . 얇은 피부표현과 반짝이는 입술 로맨스 소설 속 주인공 같은 비주얼이죠? <3 자 이렇게 리얼하고 아름답고 무서울정도로 사실적인 인형들, 과연 어떤 방식으로 작업하는지 궁금하지 않으신가요 *_* 그래서 작가님의 작업 과정을 준비해봤어요 ! 일단 작업의 밑바탕이 될 실사를 준비합니다 그리고 쓱싹 쓱싹 스케치를 진행 ! 호일을 뭉쳐 골격을 만들어 주고 그 위에 점토를 덧대고 눈알을 넣습니다 ! 그리고 계속 점토를 덧붙여 콧대와 광대, 입술의 굴곡을 만들어줍니다 :) 이목구비의 위치가 대충 잡혔다면 그 뒤로는 계속해서 묘사를 진행해요 +_+ 부드럽게 피부 표면을 갈아 지문과 요철을 깔끔하게 마무리합니다 ! 표면이 정리되었으면 사실적인 피부 표현을 위해서 붓등을 이용해 미세한 주름을 넣어줍니다 :) 새필로 눈썹과 피부 채색 진행 ! 속눈썹을 한올 한올 심어줍니다 :) 제일 놀랐던건 한 땀, 한 땀 머리카락을 심어주는 것 ! *_* 어느 세월에 저걸 다 심을 수 있죠. . . ? 이런 작업을 거쳐 완성된 작품 ! 똘망 똘망한 여자아이의 눈빛을 보세요 *_* 은은한 주근깨와 턱의 보조개, 다부진 입술 . . . 금방이라도 영국억양으로 앙칼지게 말을 걸 것 같지 않아요 ? 리얼리티 넘치는 michael zajkov 작가님의 작품을 더 만나보고 싶다면 아래 작가님의 인스타그램을 참고하세요 :) 작업하시는 영상도 확인하실 수 있어요 !
$10 Rocket Stove - DIY
Since my fiance is going to go camping for a week with his buds, I thought, that it would be cool to get some ideas on how he can be a smart ass and show the others how to be awesome. This $10 diy is just the think I was looking for. So while the guys are fussing with vacu-seal meals, my man can throw this rocket stove together and teach these guys a lesson! You will need 21 bricks, a metal wire mesh about 8" square and a stovetop grate that you can find at a dollar store. First, take one brick and chop in half. On a flat surface, begin arranging the bricks: three regular and one half. Add a metal wire mesh above first layer. Stack a second layer of bricks on top of mesh: three regular and one half. The third layer and up will use only whole bricks, stacking in a complete circle. Lay the kindling inside the hole directly above the metal wire mesh. Although the brick is blocking the bottom hole, simply move it to the side to allow air movement into the fire. This is the easiest makeshift rocket stove, and the cheapest out there that you can make for yourself. Whether it's for camping or if you find yourself in an emergency situation, use this method to create sustainable fire and cooking center when you need it. It's far safer than an ordinary campfire and is easier to control. After you've built this, you're going to want to relax from being the coolest, smartest, best, most awesome camping pro amongst your friends and family. Click here to do it in style with this fun diy summer hammock!