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So, maybe technically, Tom Cruise didn't sit down and tinker a billion-dollar Katie Holmes look-a-like robot together himself, but he made sure somebody was tasked to make this happen. I'm not quite sure where Scientology is on the scary Hollywood spectrum. I'd say, off the top of my head, that it's up there with the Illuminati, though probably not as incestuous as Kamp Kris. I could be wrong though.
On the set of Mena--shooting in Jasper, Georgia--this hair tossled, pinche-faced Holmes replica is called "Emily." She sports aviators, which are Tom's favorite and wears only flats. Sparing no expense, this medical-pleasure grade animatronic appears to exude two classic expressions: terror and apologetic.
What will he think up next?
hmm...nice lookn though,am just saying.
@LanrexAdera Are you a big Katie Holmes fan?
That IS kind of a scary expression now that you mention it....
can't afford being someone else's fan @beywatch.am my fan.u should try that
They look similar. Tom cruise is just plain weird