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We Like 2 Party is such a fun song and the performance was so chill and cute and fun.....Errybody was lookin' so good *drools recalling how good T.O.P looked* and Dae could see!!! ヽ(´▽`)/ Rejoice V.I.Ps!
CHOOM CHOOM MY BABIES CHOOM CHOOM!! Look at T.O.P.....y'all betta recognize. He's got moves we haven't seen before. ┌|_ _|┘♪└|-.-|┐♪┌|^.^|┘♪┌|_ _|┘♪└|-.-|┐♪ I loved this choreo.... although it seemed to me that the crowd wasn't as into this performance as much as We Like 2 Party. I thought it was hot tho ヽ(^。^)ノ
Their dancing is amazing. And I love all their hairstyles! ^_^
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i love love love love it <3 :D
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Ahhh, this stage was so good. Bigbang is back!!!
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