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I am pretty much grown up as a disney kid. So, as you will expected I lo-ove disney songs. Sometimes unconsiously I just sang them randomly (it come out naturally). Anyway those are some of disney love song. I like some of the songs on the list. Beside that i also like color of the wind, can you feel the love tonight, reflection, part of your world, under the sea and...too many more i can't name it one by one. So what's your favorite disney song?
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How did I never know that Shanice and Jon Secada recorded a Disney duet together? They were seriously the quintessential easy listening of the early 90s. I sort of love that you can read this list and probably guess which Disney movie it's for based on the time period of the artists involved, ie: Peggy Lee, Mandy Moore, etc.
@beywatch I usually don't mind the singer, but they sure is entrusted their song to some of the best singer :). You should check disney mania, they have had many famous artist cover for disney songs. Altough it's a little different from the original version, it still catchy. Anyway I am happy that you liked the list <3
What's the best Disney Mania cover? I'll go check it out.
actually there are many disney mania series, but the one that i used to listend is disney mania 1. I like most of the song on the album so i can't pick wich one is the best...but for me when you wish upon a star- N'sync, you'll be in my heart- usher, and color of the wind- ashanti ft.shi shi are the songs thaht sounds a lot different from the original ver. but still sounds good. so don't forget to check them out , ow no check out all the songs on the album!@beywatch
USHER????? Now I have to listen..