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Do you love karaoke? Well now you can get it on your phone! Yokee has a 4.2 rating in the google play store but i think it should be higher. You can have lots of fun singing the songs that you like! There is no limit to the songs that you can find on this app because they get the songs directly from youtube. you can just sing for practice or you can record and share it with your friends on your favorite social networks. you can even change the sound of your voice before you save it. The ônly thing you might not like about this app is that you have to buy or earn coins to be able to record after the first time. But don't worry. Its easy to earn coins. you just have to download games and play, or keep singing until you get 20 coins. Thats only 5 songs. you and your friends can have so much fun with this! just think, you'll never be bored again!!