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No one said it eould be just gotta know its worth it. You can't progress in life with a lot of baggage. At some point cutting ties will be the only option you have. Just know it all be worth it!!!
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Faith is one of the greatest struggles we face in life, and the unknown is what sparks fear and anger, but giving in to allowing ourselves not to control as you say, but rather accept is one of the greatest challenges of life. opportunity costs are easy to measure when you can weigh the choices, but giving up the known for the unknown even when our guy tells us that something better lies beyond our understanding is one of the hardest tests in life. I hope we both pass it.
you couldnt have said it better.i m giong through that at this moment .she must of had fear of the life she would have with me.after 13yrs she made up an excuse that didnt make sence.i wish i could meet a women who thinks this way .we have to know how to accept the good and the bad we dont get to pick.long suffering is part of the love the word if god speaks about but may god forgive her and watch over her .i love u stephanie