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'We Got Married' LIVE RECAP EP150
This is a live recap for 'we got married' ep150 Also 'We Got Married', this program will be aired every saturday in MBC 5.10 PM. :) So would you want to see me, come here !! actually...not me...kkkkk you want to see these couples !!! i'm really sorry that I couldn't do this recap... Actually I thought today is Friday...so i just go ourside far from my home...Just as soon as I realize that I have to recap 'We got married' ..i was searching for the PC room to do a recap.. But when I found it, i had low battery...so I couldn't watch it.. Anyway...i really sorry for you guys... i promise that it will never happen again.....i'm really sorry...
never mind!!! i hope i can read your recap next week :) happy new year!
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excuse me where. can i see them please
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