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Broke up with an amazing guy now I regret it because I realized he is the only one who makes me smile and I'm myself around, what should I do??
thanks @Katlin24 @ameliellie but he and I do still talk and I let him know that I made a stupid mistake @ChristinaBryce I thought I cared about him as a friend more than anything else but I was wrong because when I seen him the other day graduate I thought about how much I would miss him
Well!! It might not seem like it but there is always more time. Good luck!! @Sherlock98
HOnestly to me it sounds like you just need to take some time to love yourself!!! If its the right relationships you 'll be able to pick it up again later, once you feel more ready
its hard im going through the samething. all i would have to say is give it a couple of days then try talking to that guy and see if u will try it again
Well, what were the reasons you broke up? Sometimes, even if you love someone or really care about the, breaking up is still the right option because there are problems that can't overcome liking someone.
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