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I absolutely had to make an appreciation post for this MV because it obviously doesn't need a breakdown. There we're legit tears leaking out of my eyes, a goofy ass grin plastered across my face complete with rosy cheeks....and I was covering my mouth as I giggled. This MV did things to me (๑´•  .̫ •ू`๑) This MV was such a surprise and a welcome one at that. Its not often nowadays we get to see our boys just being themselves and enjoying each other's company. Still down-to-earth and adorable as ever. Ohhhhhh the feelzzzzzz......゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚ Anywho I compiled a selection of gifs (credit to the owners naturally) that highlight the finer points of the MV ( ゚▽゚)/ enjoy!
That definitely had to hurt.....js
Those pool toys.... Lucky britches..... ̄ˍ ̄ I'm ridiculous I know.... don't mind me tho....please continue ogling.
Anyone notice errybody else is like drowning and T.O.P still looks flawless? (๑^ں^๑)
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@kimikodragon I follow TOP and geez. He posts so much. but I think it's cute how much he likes art. haha. xD
@StephanieDuong Ikr, it's just his 15 second videos of him maniacally laughing as he shakes his camera in front of a brick wall that confuse/amuse me :')
Omg. Who was touching whose butt??
I can't get over these gifs...hahaha! And TOP is always flawless! Lol
@danidee T.O.P was touching Dae's butt....giving him a boost (-‿◦) *wink wink*