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ive been dating this guy for 7 month. we just got into a huge fight last week and said we would talk for 5 day. its already been a week what do i do. i texted and called him but no answer nor reply what should i do ?
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Sorry to jump in here but @Katlin24 I think you need to either message him or write him a letter (if you can't get a hold of him) telling him that you're OK with making changes to your relationship (i..e breaking up or changing how things are) but you need to understand what happened and what he is thinking!!! Good relationships (and clean break ups!) are all about good communication, so try to get him to communicate!
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thank for all the advice. now i am going to use it when he calls me
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@Katlin24 Sorry for my lateness!! Any updates?
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well he said it was just break to give us time apart
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@Katlin24 Hmm, well, that's hard to decode!! I guess just see where the time takes you, and make sure to speak up to him if you think its time to end the break or make a decision!!
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