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Basic process, buy the almonds, soak them in water overnight, process them, and then run it through a cheesecloth. The recipe is quite flexible, when you process the almond milk, you’ll have to add water otherwise you’ll get almond paste. Anyway, the amount of water you add will just affect how creamy or light your milk is. What I liked to do was to run the grated almonds through the cheesecloth twice because there will still be some milk even though you squeeze out the first round. Recipes call for maple syrup, some sugar…this all depends on how you want to flavor it, I wouldn’t follow a recipe because it really depends on your palette. Adding the scents to your milk is easy, for the cinnamon I just broke up some whole cinnamon sticks and put it directly into the milk, for the rose I bruised them gently and placed it in the milk, same goes for mint and basil. For the mint I chopped it finely because I wanted a stronger scent. If you just want a light scent just give it a rough chop and put it into the milk. For the black truffle I grated half a truffle. And vanilla, all you have to do is take the seeds out. You don’t really want to be eating pieces of rose while enjoying your milk so sift these out. It really depends though on your choice if you’re into eating roses then leave it. For the vanilla and truffle I didn’t sift it out because the vanilla seeds are so small anyway and it would be a waste to throw out the truffles. Basil mint and cinnamon were all sifted out though. Black winter truffle is for scent. And this one with some rock chocolate, for my mint scented almond milk. Rose milk went with rose flavored granola, garnished with candied roses. To see final step, visit the next post
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