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Just like contact lenses, false lashes also needs to be cleaned. This will extend the life your falsies in the long run. In addition, our eyes are very sensitive and worn lashes can carry bacteria that can damage the eyes with extended use. I know adding another step to your regimen can be overwhelming, but your eyes will thank you.

How to properly clean false lashes?

Peel away the glue
These sticky build-up can cause lashes to look uneven over time and bacteria formation. Use a tweezer to carefully peel away glue residues. Make sure not to peel off the lash hairs.
Rinse in warm water
Soak the lashes in warm water for 30 seconds to loosen any makeup residues. This is only good for artificial lash fibers. Human hair or fur lashes can permanently lose their curl in the heat.
Wipe down and sanitize
You can sanitize your lashes with rubbing alcohol. However real hair sets should be treated with mild water-based makeup remover. Use a cotton swap to wipe from base to tip on dry lashes.
Use caution with decorated sets
Lashes with glitter, feathers or rhinestones should not be soaked or wiped down. Instead spot clean with a sanitizer-soaked cotton swab.
Are you a visual learner? Take a look at the video above to learn how to clean your lashes!
@danidee I think it depends on how good you care for it. I would say 10x max for the sake of hygiene.
So how many wears would false lashes typically be good for? Or does that depend on some other factor?
This is more work than cleaning your own lashes. This is why I never get my hands on false lashes.